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You know how, when someone finds a new habit or activity that brings them joy, and they just want to tell everyone about it? A new product or diet or philosophy. They become like a zealous disciple of whatever it is, talking about it on social media (and everywhere).

Well, that’s kind of me right now. Ever since I came to believe in joy.

For my whole life, I didn’t realize Joy was an actual thing. I had heard of it, in theory, but I didn’t think I would ever feel it.

So, I just gripped the steering wheel of life with white knuckles, barreling from painful experience to painful experience, trying not to feel too much.

Turns out, that strategy only increases pain. Turns out you can’t block pain without also blocking joy.

How to start feeling again? The prospect of feeling all those horrible emotions I’d been avoiding was like facing total annihilation.

This is where I share what I’m figuring out. And, I want to continue learning with the help of others. I hope you can benefit from my thoughts and experiences, and I’d love to hear what you’ve also learned about fulfillment, connection, joy.