Unconditional compassion for whom?


I want to have compassion for people that does not depend on my understanding of anything of the “facts” about them. I want to have compassion regardless of their intentions, or anything else that can be judged as right/wrong, or good/bad.

I want to have compassion even for people who have hurt me. Sometimes this is easier for strangers, maybe because I don’t expect so much of them. I can brush it off by saying “maybe they were having a bad day”, or “their violence toward me was caused by some kind of pain in their life”.

But if someone close to me harms in some way, usually accidental, it just feels so personal. Maybe it’s harder to forgive until I can hear them out and understand why they did it.

The thing is, part of being in relationships is that people get hurt. Like part of having cars in the world is that sometimes accidents happen. It’s worth it, so we keep engaging in relationships, keep trying to connect.

I don’t want to have to know why they did it. I just want to forgive and have compassion.

Know why I want this? Because I want to forgive myself for my own mistakes, and have unconditional compassion for myself.

I think that once I start to do it for myself, I’ll just automatically do it toward others. After all, our relationships with others are just a reflection of our relationship with our own selves.

I want to allow myself to make mistakes, I want to be understanding and compassionate toward my imperfections, my humanity. I want to love and embrace every part of myself, and celebrate the beauty and the greatness that have been put in me.

And I want this to spill out into the world.

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